An Analysis of Energizer Holdings (ENR)

An Analysis of Energizer Holdings (ENR)

Energizer Holdings (ENR) owns two of the world’s fantastic makes: Energizer and Schick. At the moment, about 70% of the firm’s product sales occur from the battery organization and 30% occur from the razor and blades organization. Worldwide product sales (from both of those organizations) account for almost exactly half of all gross sales.

Energizer’s acquisition of Schick was a steal. In 2003, the corporation acquired Schick – Wilkinson Sword from Pfizer (PFE) for just below $1 billion. In 2005, Schick contributed just under $120 million in profit. This figure does not appropriately allocate sure shared expenditures to Schick but, it does include depreciation expense in excessive of upkeep cap ex. Therefore, I consider $125 million is a great estimate of the accurate economic gain delivered by Schick in 2005. Over the upcoming several decades, even further margin improvements are possible at Schick since, amongst product or service launches, fewer razors and more blades will be marketed. Energizer’s charge of funds for the Schick acquisition was pretty low. Most of the purchase price has been refinanced as preset personal debt carrying an curiosity fee of considerably less than 5%.

Above the next thirty decades, Energizer will develop into largely a razor organization and primarily an global business enterprise. When looking at Energizer now, this reality is complicated to see having said that, it is an crucial truth of the matter. Below, I disagree with a lot of other commentators on Energizer’s company. They are considerably more optimistic about the battery organization and considerably extra pessimistic about the razor blade organization than I am. We both of those have access to the exact same data, so why the disagreement?

I believe Energizer’s extremely profitable battery enterprise will slowly and gradually wither absent. It will stay in some form. Even many years from now, there will continue to be Energizer batteries bought all around the planet. But, how many will be alkaline batteries?

A lot of analysts note that Energizer is specifically very well positioned in the marketplaces for lithium and rechargeable batteries, and as a result consider a changeover to these types of batteries would not essentially spell doom for the minor pink bunny. Energizer’s profits of these merchandise has just lately been escalating at a 20% clip. With so a lot of individual leisure equipment getting their way into consumers’ palms (and under their Christmas tress), it looks like Energizer has a amazing advancement opportunity to exploit.

However, that is not how I see it. Energizer will glimpse to improve its income of lithium batteries – as it ought to. But, really don’t allow the flashy advancement idiot you. There are two components to the value equation: development and profitability.

In the long run, lithium batteries are unlikely to be anyplace close to as successful as alkaline batteries. They are additional resilient and considerably less seen. This is a fatal combination for the likes of Energizer and Duracell. A battery that is bought by the producer fairly than the customer is not a little something these corporations glimpse ahead to. There is incredibly little price levels of competition in alkaline batteries. Energizer’s model identify and its distribution system is the key to its capacity to demand superior price ranges on alkaline batteries. People positive aspects are mitigated in the marketplace for lithium batteries.

Alkaline batteries would not be heading the way of the Dodo whenever shortly. It is significant to notice alkaline battery gross sales have not nevertheless lowered by quantity. This is as correct in the U.S. as it is overseas. In fact, unit profits of alkaline batteries have constantly amplified above the earlier couple a long time.

This reality has been obscured by modifications in the retail company. Extra and a lot more prospects are purchasing batteries in bulk. Some analysts have expressed concern. They believe that this indicates model loyalty is eroding. Despite staying generally pessimistic about the battery small business, I disagree with that sentiment.

Manufacturer loyalty is not eroding. Far more people are purchasing at vendors that market in bulk. Consequently, additional individuals are purchasing bigger packages of batteries. There is no proof to counsel there is a development towards more cost-effective, a lot less outstanding brands. In truth, there is no actual evidence to aid the thought that buyers basically want much larger deals of batteries.

It truly is obvious they want to shop at the suppliers that provide larger packages of batteries, but that just isn’t always the exact same issue. Most people would be happy to acquire batteries in smaller deals. That is exactly what they’d be carrying out, if they were not procuring at superstores and the like. Individuals have not quickly taken to shopping for their batteries via in – depth comparison buying. Slipping unit selling prices in the battery organization have been triggered by modifications in retail techniques, not changes in shopper preferences.

The power of the big models was evidenced final year when Energizer raised battery selling prices and Duracell adopted suit. For the most section, Energizer has not been damage by climbing resources expenses, simply because it has basically raised rates. Lots of investors haven’t actually observed the increase in resources fees, simply because these charges have not impacted Energizer’s bottom line. Energizer’s pricing energy has manufactured this blissful ignorance attainable. Correct, Energizer’s battery business enterprise doesn’t have as a lot pricing energy as its razor business enterprise nonetheless, it continue to has much additional pricing ability than the huge vast majority of American businesses.

Energizer’s battery organization will make a ton of absolutely free hard cash move for yrs to arrive. The company will very likely remain in the battery business even right after alkaline batteries account for a a lot smaller part of the current market. As a result, the profitability of Energizer’s battery small business will decline.

This is not going to happen currently or tomorrow. There are nonetheless tons of solutions that are considerably too low cost to get additional costly, extra long lasting batteries. There are also opportunities for Energizer to get current market share in establishing countries (who will possible be moving away from super inexpensive carbon zinc batteries). The combined distribution infrastructure of Energizer and Schick will help both of those businesses achieve industry share abroad. But, there is far considerably less opportunity for expansion in the battery organization than there is in the razor business.

An investor should really value Energizer Holdings’ battery part as a no progress enterprise. This is just not fairly as terrible as it sounds. Initial of all, the battery enterprise is not definitely a no progress business. Each unit revenue and dollar revenue have greater in the current earlier. What ever expansion does happen will include price to Energizer, mainly because the battery enterprise will proceed to receive a really excellent return on incremental capital.

However, the development of soaring unit income of alkaline batteries will not past endlessly. Some alkaline batteries will be changed by rechargeable and lithium batteries. Energizer will be hurt by these replacements. Even if the corporation does build a solid posture in the lithium battery current market, its pricing electricity will be significantly significantly less than it is in alkaline batteries.

It is critical to notice that the full volume sales of batteries, taken in the aggregate, will continue to grow. Though some rechargeable and lithium batteries will substitute alkaline batteries, other rechargeable and lithium batteries will be utilized in completely new solutions.

Even thirty decades from now, it is tough to visualize a planet with reduced device product sales of batteries than the concentrations of 2005. On the other hand, it is the combine of people batteries profits that will ultimately figure out Energizer’s profitability. I am considerably less optimistic than most about the profitability of that blend.

There is a quite real chance that selling lithium batteries will establish to be an inherently fewer rewarding company. Most analysts have not nonetheless addressed this situation. I can not say whether their silence on this make a difference is induced by a lack of worry or by a absence of interest. Irrespective, I think this kind of silence is harmful, since the upcoming profitability of the battery business enterprise is an critical portion of any valuation of Energizer Holdings.

Improved toughness and diminished visibility typically direct to reduce manufacturer awareness, much less client stickiness, and better cost competitors. Thus, the economics of the alkaline battery business enterprise and the lithium battery company are not as comparable as they 1st seem to be. It may well be sometime just before the economics of the lithium battery enterprise develop into distinct.

In the indicate time, investors would be very best encouraged to view any migration from alkaline batteries to lithium batteries as a internet destructive for Energizer Holdings. Shareholders will want to stick to this craze intently having said that, it may be quite a few yrs prior to a comprehensive knowing of the economics of the nascent lithium battery business enterprise is doable.

Energizer’s long run development will arrive from its razor enterprise – primarily intercontinental income of its Schick products. In the current earlier, the razor and blade organization hasn’t experienced incredible growth. This has guide analysts and buyers to neglect the fantastic lengthy phrase development likely in this organization. Schick is a very solid worldwide brand supported by Energizer’s now proven worldwide distribution infrastructure.

Over the next thirty yrs, the all over the world razor organization will become even less fragmented. Gillette and Schick will make large gains in their share of total unit quantity, and even bigger gains in their share of total gross sales bucks. Their brand names by now have globally get to. In the extended run, significantly better penetration is unavoidable. There are no other in the same way positioned competition. No 1 will be capable to compete with their distribution infrastructure, their R&D, and their marketing.

The razor enterprise will be dominated by near steady new item launches for a incredibly extended time to occur. Never be fooled by individuals who downplay any improve in revenue at Energizer or Gillette that is the final result of a new product or service start. Receiving individuals to trade up for pricier styles will be the authentic engine of growth in the razor company.

I feel it is a sustainable company product. Extensive phrase financial and demographic traits are favorable to these kinds of a model. As segments of abroad populations come to be much more prosperous, enhanced expending on pricey, branded shopper solutions is certain to observe.

The two key competitors’ makes and their new merchandise have a powerful maintain about men. It is very likely their grip will only tighten. For a male, there is an vital psychology attachment to his razor. A man’s expertise with his razor is frequent and ritualistic. He also utilizes pretty several other particular treatment goods of any consequence. Thus, he is likely to acquire the variety of romantic relationship with his reliable razor that will make him a tremendous sticky consumer.

This psychological attachment to a razor is not as potent for females. Even so, both of those Schick and Gillette are doing work to improve shopper stickiness between females. So significantly, their initiatives appear to be pretty effective. If productive, large close razor revenue to females will offer an even greater resource of development for the two companies, due to the fact they are coming off a significantly reduced base.

Societal traits in a lot of the globe will also favor significant advancement between product sales to ladies for this sort of pricey, branded individual care merchandise. As a final result, the powerful international models of these two razor companies need to turn out to be even more beneficial in the decades to occur – and these brands can not be replicated.

Schick is a legitimate franchise. This reality typically goes unnoticed, since Schick’s marketplace share is dwarfed by Gillette’s. Both of those organizations will grow their share of the international market place, but Schick may really properly develop its share more quickly. There is practically nothing notably stunning about this. Schick is starting up from a smaller foundation, and is, in numerous methods similar to Gillette.

What authentic pros does Gillette have in excess of Schick?

Correct, Gillette has a increased market place share, but where is the actionable benefit in that? Are unable to Schick realize comparable economies of scale at every of its generation amenities? Won’t Schick posses a identical distribution procedure (largely furnished by Energizer)? Does not Schick have at minimum some model recognition in most of the similar international locations as Gillette? Is not going to Schick be equipped to match Gillette’s spending in equally marketing and innovation?

Simply just place, what can Gillette do that Schick won’t be able to? Or, what can Gillette do better or far more cheaply than Schick can?

A single could argue Gillette’s absorption by Proctor & Gamble (PG) presents it some superiority in distribution, advertising, and R&D. But, regardless of what strengths exist in these places are trim. There is no proof Gillette has an edge in new products advancement in excess of Schick. True, no one particular can match Proctor & Gamble’s distribution process or its economies in marketing but, Energizer will come awfully near. The mixed Energizer Holdings has great plenty of methods to make Gillette’s pros in these spots minimal more than tutorial. The moment a business enjoys these rewards on the scale of an Energizer or Gillette, what actual variance do they make?

Gillette’s competitive strengths over Schick are considerably exaggerated. Schick will not wrest handle of the razor sector from Gillette. But, that is not the vital concern. The vital question is this: will Schick improve its international business enterprise profitably for several decades to come? The remedy to that concern is an emphatic yes.

In truth, while I concede the simple fact that Gillette is a hard competitor and a initially price business enterprise, I think the probabilities favor a lot quicker lengthy time period progress at Schick than at Gillette. The mixture of the razor small business and the battery enterprise makes sense. Schick will proceed to profit from this combination.

Extra importantly, becoming the next player in a small business like razors isn’t really a negative racket. Seem at the documents of other firms who uncovered by themselves in the very same circumstance. An investor would be just as foolish to dismiss an expenditure in Energizer on account of Gillette’s dominant place in the razor company as he would have been to dismiss an expense in Pepsi (PEP) on account of Coke’s (KO) dominant situation in the cola business. As an investor, you are not searching for the major business enterprise – you’re hunting for the finest bargain.

Energizer’s management is shrewd and shareholder oriented. I have to refute the promises I have heard (claimed in a number of locations) that Energizer’s administration has been something less than fantastic in its stewardship of the owners’ capital. There are many issues none of them have any advantage.

The most recurrent complaint is that Energizer does not maintain quarterly convention phone calls. Fantastic for them. If you’re part proprietor in a battery and razor blade company in which a quarterly convention simply call is vital, you are in the improper battery and razor blade business enterprise. Energizer’s disclosures are absolutely initial charge. Management just chooses to make those people disclosures on paper. Anyway, the conference simply call is really far more of an difficulty for analysts than it is for shareholders – and Energizer has no obligation to pander to analysts.

The company’s yearly report is a fantastic design for many others to emulate. It studies extensive money within just the revenue assertion, as a substitute of opting for a independent disclosure. This need to be conventional practice. Many footnotes in the report guide to tables instead of lengthy lists of figures in little print. This ought to be a standard reporting follow as very well.

Energizer breaks its business enterprise down into a few popular perception company segments: North American Battery, International Battery, and Razors and Blades. It studies all items for these segments in the overall body of the report. This implies income circulation and harmony sheet goods are presented ideal subsequent to cash flow goods. That enables any one with third quality math expertise to determine returns for each and every organization section and to judge every single device on its funds flows in its place of relying exclusively on the profits assertion.

Inside of the human body of the report, the corporation breaks down gross sales across all business segments by geography. This means, with just a very little subtraction, just one can break every device (batteries and razors) down into North American and International revenue. Battery product sales are also divided into 3 typical perception product or service groups: alkaline batteries, carbon zinc batteries, and other batteries. This is a different actually beneficial disclosure.

The company even volunteers specific estimates on party – pushed gross sales of batteries (e.g., hurricanes) and added benefits from the timing of output at specified vegetation. In both of those cases, the facts is supplied so the reader can reduced his estimate of normalized earnings, not elevate it.

Extremely couple of firms will prominently mention how an unusual number of hurricanes helped them, or how the exact volume of output in the future calendar 12 months would not outcome in similarly higher earnings. Energizer volunteers both items of data devoid of resorting to the use of footnotes.

The a single important fact that is not explicitly furnished is the gross sales combine amongst razors and blades within just Schick. That would be a pleasant touch. Energizer is just not alone in not providing this breakdown. Most community companies in refill/mend enterprises really don’t give this particular detail, even with its terrific financial importance.

Energizer’s share repurchases improved shareholder benefit. A whole lot of analysts would somewhat see a dividend. They are wrong. As soon as a company begins paying out a dividend, it successfully claims to maintain accomplishing so. On Wall Road, cutting a dividend is seen as a mortal sin. Wholesome businesses just do not do it. Even unhealthy companies go to preposterous lengths to maintain frequent dividend payments (e.g., GM). By not having to pay a dividend, Energizer maintains its overall flexibility. It can make an acquisition, it can buyback stock, or it can spend down personal debt. In this way, the firm is able to put its capital to the finest attainable use.

To date, that’s just what it has done. All share repurchases ended up manufactured at discounts to intrinsic price. The acquisition of Schick is a rare instance of a large company acquisition that was perfectly well worth the value. In the two scenarios, the funds borrowed was cheap.

Of study course, it remains to be observed if Energizer will go on to put its capital to the ideal attainable use, or regardless of whether very low fascination rates and a very low inventory cost were just pleased coincidences and Energizer will continue on to borrow greatly and obtain back inventory regardless of its price tag of capital and the stock’s low cost to intrinsic price. Past steps and statements from administration guide me to imagine Energizer will proceed to allocate cash sensibly – but, one particular can hardly ever be certain of management’s intentions.

Energizer has tested to be much more shareholder oriented than most providers, not much less. So, dismiss the occasional uneducated complaints manufactured about Energizer’s company governance. Energizer’s actions verify the company’s motivation to improving shareholder price. People actions back again up the phrases with which the yearly report begins:

“Heading ahead, we are targeted on two clearly described financial goals – to crank out dependable yearly earnings per share progress and to maximize totally free dollars circulation. We totally intend to attain people targets by correctly executing our ongoing organization approaches – investing in our models for future expansion, working with hard cash move to receive working earnings and opportunistically repurchasing our shares.”

Whilst I consider Energizer is a ideal financial commitment on qualitative grounds, each individual investment decision finally comes down to value. At a steep discounted to its intrinsic benefit, Energizer Holdings would make an fantastic very long term keeping. So, what is its intrinsic worth?

Energizer is truly worth at minimum $7.5 billion. The firm’s recent company worth is about $5 billion. So, at modern selling price, the margin of safety is not much greater than 33%. I consider this to be an inadequate margin of protection. As an individual trader, not limited by possessing a significant amount of funds to commit, there is no motive to take a margin of security of fewer than 50%, if you are willing to maintain a concentrated portfolio. Of study course, if you want to be broadly diversified throughout 30 or extra shares at all periods, you will usually have to acknowledge a margin of security of considerably less than 50%. For these greatly diversified traders, Energizer gives an beautiful expenditure option at the current price.

Of course, estimates of intrinsic benefit will vary from person to man or woman. Which is usual. In this circumstance, the two crucial (and potentially controversial) assumptions are the drop of the battery company and the progress of the razor company.

To give you some thought of the value of these assumptions, I came up with an estimate based mostly on the worst scenario situation of a rather fast drop in the battery enterprise as well as an estimate dependent on the best case scenario of solid, sustained expansion in the razor company. The worst circumstance scenario yielded an intrinsic benefit of $5.25 billion the very best situation circumstance yielded an intrinsic value of $12 billion. Both of these estimates are in just the realm of probability. In neither situation did I make any definitely unreasonable assumptions.

For occasion, a pretty immediate drop in the battery organization would produce a considerably decreased intrinsic benefit than $5.25 billion. Having said that, I do not feel these kinds of a fast decline is a realistic assumption.

On the other aspect of the scales, extremely powerful growth in the razor organization would yield an intrinsic worth substantially larger than $12 billion. I feel these progress is not likely, unless of course there is some catalyst I am unaware of. If you feel there will be sustained, sturdy development in the desire for high priced razors between substantial populations abroad, $12 billion gets to be a small conclude estimate. Personally, I believe $12 billion is pretty considerably a high end estimate.

I generally consider to err on the facet of warning. So, I’m sticking with $7.5 billion as my ideal conservative intrinsic value estimate for Energizer Holdings.