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Forex Killer = The Best Autopilot?

Forex Killer = The Best Autopilot?

Forex Killer or Forex tracer?

Forex Killer and Forex tracer, both are quite popular forex robots among investors and traders. Here, we are going to have a short discussion on the salient features of both the automated software, so that you can make an informed decision before you opt for buying one.

Forex Killer has been judged as a “very professional automated trading system” by an unbiased forex trader. It is easy to set up and operate, although we found it demands some level of basic understanding from the user on forex. This may be a bit difficult for someone who is new to forex market. According to an expert forex trader who professionally manages his accounts vouch for Forex Killer as the wonderful trading machine that can generate profits without human intervention or involvements. In some popular currency pairs like EUR/USD and USD/CHF it returned very good profits.

Forex Killer is the only working forex signal generator available today. The signals you receive from other vendors are either useless or never arrive on time. In this autopilot as the signals are generated instantaneously, you can avail the full benefit of them. This is practically of great significance in a market like forex where placing a trade on time makes all the difference. You can start trading with just $500 on a real account. But, if you new in this trade better option would be start a demo account and practice under simulated conditions. There is no risk of losing your actual money as well.

But when we compared Forex Tracer with Forex Killer, we found the former to be a better option. We were forced to give better points to the software because of its simplicity, ease of operation, and, most important, its effectiveness. Under the same working conditions and with same start up capital, Forex Tracer returned nearly double profit than Forex Killer. Another great feature of this software is the human involvement needed is completely zero. You leave the terminal with running the software and it would work silently to earn profits for you. This is possible because of Forex Tracer’s strong mathematical application-based algorithm that makes forex analyses easy and fast.

The data fed into the system is closely monitored by the system before taking the buying or selling decision. The software is also able to put the stop loss limit depending on the pre-set criteria. You are, therefore, covered with a solid risk management feature. You need no prior trading knowledge to run the system. But, if you have some, that is a bonus. In fact, you can treat the software as your tutor. By watching it placing orders and making live trades, you can learn the basics. As you graduate with your learning, you can manipulate the settings to earn even more profits.

Forex tracer is also effective for intraday trading as supports 30-minute up-to-date trading signals. By paying just $97 (that too with other bonus offers) this buy is definitely a value for your money.