How to Make SVG Files & Make Money Selling Them

How to Make SVG Files & Make Money Selling Them

If you are conversant with making and selling Printables products, SVG files may not be a totally strange word to you because you know it is a type of digital file.

So you may be wondering how to make SVG files and how to make money from selling them. Let’s get into how this is done.

SVG stands for scalable vector graphics, a type of graphic format that does not lose its properties as you scale or expand it.

Other types of digital files e.g png or jpeg lose shape and become blurry when you try to expand them, but not so for SVG.

Printable products can come in different formats: PDFs, Word, PPt, Excel, Jpeg, Png, and SVG.

If you want to create and sell printable products online most of your products will be delivered as digital files that come in the above-mentioned formats.

What determines the format you use is of course the purpose of the printables products.

I wrote a complete post on how to start a printables business, I also wrote on different printables products that you can create, you can read it up to get more context about what I am going to teach you now.

I created a course that teaches you how to create printable products and turn them into a business

My Newbie printables business course is designed to help you turn your skills and abilities into a profitable printables business that brings you money.

We will talk more about how to incorporate your SVG files business with a printables business to make more money but for now, let’s focus on SVG.

So if you want to create printable products that are made from SVG files, you must first know how to create an SVG file.

let’s start by teaching you how to make an SVG file