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Profitable Forex Expert Advisor – Do Any Make Profits?

Profitable Forex Expert Advisor – Do Any Make Profits?

If you are looking for a profitable Forex Expert Advisor then you are in for a long search, as none deliver the gains they claim and the reason is obvious and enclosed in this article…

The name Forex Expert Advisor is used to make a Forex trading system sound grander but these systems are anything but expert; they lose money and never make the gains they claim – Why?

You can see the track records and claims of profit are too good to be true. They normally claim you can double your money each month or make 1,000% per annum etc and furthermore; you have to make no effort and get access to this great regular income for around $200 or less!

So does any Forex Expert Advisor make the gains they claim? Well try and find an independent track record of real trading results and you’re in for a long search. All you get is simulations backwards (knowing the closing prices) or a track record presented by the vendor with no audit.

You get lots of reviews which say these Robots work but these are normally affiliates selling the system and hoping to make a few dollars per sale which makes you think – if the system makes so much money, why don’t they just trade their way to a fortune and not bother to be affiliates?

If these systems really did work they wouldn’t be so cheap, as the system would be sold to a big investment house for tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars or the vendor would be making so much money, he wouldn’t bother selling it or using affiliates.

The rise of online Forex trading has seen the Forex trading open up to the little guy and these systems cater for the naïve and lazy trader, who thinks Forex trading, is easy. These traders soon learn its not, as the markets turn the Expert Advisors to dust.

If you want to make money at Forex trading, forget the sure fire easy route and do what successful traders do:

Get a good solid Forex education, learn skills, get confidence and then trade with discipline. If you do this, you can enjoy currency trading success and earn a great second or life changing income.