Recovery Grants of $1,000 to $100K Available to Small Businesses

Recovery Grants of ,000 to 0K Available to Small Businesses

The impact of the pandemic will be felt for a long time. This is why pandemic-related grants are still available across the country from city, state, and federal grant programs to help small businesses. Even though the amount of these grants is not the same as PPP loans, they are still substantial enough to address some of the challenges small business owners are facing.

The key is finding a grant that is looking to address the issues you are facing. And for small business owners, there are many. That is why you should always look for and apply for public and private grants that address your particular situation. After all, it is free and there is a chance you can win.

This week there are a number of Pandemic Recovery Grants available in cities across the U.S. The funds available in these grants address a range of issues. Businesses looking for help for debt repayment to renovations, operating expenses, lost revenue, and more can apply for grants from $1,000 to $100K.


Small Business News November 25, 2022

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