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The Reasons Why You Should Implement Trust Badges on Your E-Commerce Store Right Away

The Reasons Why You Should Implement Trust Badges on Your E-Commerce Store Right Away
Although the proverb "don't judge a book by its cover" makes sense for most real-life situations, it doesn't work well with E-commerce websites. If you visit a website and find that it looks unprofessional, has poor design, and everything on the site appears malicious, you're likely to leave immediately. With websites, we do judge them…

Although the proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover” makes sense for most real-life situations, it doesn’t work well with E-commerce websites. If you visit a website and find that it looks unprofessional, has poor design, and everything on the site appears malicious, you’re likely to leave immediately. With websites, we do judge them by their appearance. Trust badges are what we base our judgment on.



These days, there are an endless number of fake E-commerce  websites and phishing attempts. Unfortunately, these hackers target web users who let their guard down. However, every website owner has the power to make his/her website more credible and legitimate. If your clients trust your site, you’re likely to experience high conversion rates–and consequently generate big sales and revenues. And really, who doesn’t want that?

You can increase trust and credibility by adding badges from well-known organizations to your website. These badges show potential visitors that you have taken the necessary security measures to protect their information. For an E-commerce website, this is not a suggestion, but a requirement if you want to succeed.


The Impact of E-commerce Having Trust Badges

If E-commerce used correctly, trust badges can significantly improve website success by increasing conversion rates.

Blue Fountain recently did a study to see if there was any connection between trust badges and conversion rates. They replaced a privacy note that told customers their information would be safe with the VeriSign trust badge E-commerce. Although it didn’t have much of an effect, what little change there was ended up being important.

48% of survey respondents from Econsultancy/Toluna said that a trust badge was the most important factor they considered when shopping online on E-commerce, and another study from Baymard Institute suggests that 17% of cart abandonments occur because shoppers don’t trust the website with their credit card details.

The Different Types of Trust Badges E-commerce To Consider

Trust badges come in different shapes and sizes. In this article, we’ll explore the various types of E-commerce trust badges available and how they can impact your E-commerce website.

E-commerce Website Security Badges

With so many data breaches and website security hacks happening every day, it’s no wonder that people are becoming more and more cautious about what information they share online. As an E-commerce website owner, it’s your responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure that all of your clients’ data is kept safe.

An E-commerce website SSL certificate is a trust badge that reassures your site visitors about their security. Most internet users find it difficult totrust a website that does not have an SSL certificate, which creates encryption between the web server and browser. According to Google’s Transparency Report, 95% of all pages loaded in January 2021 on Google Chrome were served over HTTPS.

If your E-commerce website does not have an SSL certificate, a “not secure” message will be shown to all visitors who try to access the website. The uncertain message could cause potential customers to doubt your business authenticity and feel unsafe while browsing through your site content. You can provide them with a sense of security by making sure you have an SSL certificate for data encryption protection.

Your E-commerce website needs an SSL certificate if you want your visitors to trust that their sensitive information is safe with you. If your site has a certificate, there will be a padlock symbol and the URL will start with HTTPS. Without one, the URL starts with HTTP.

E-commerce Payment Security Badges For Higher Trust

Trust badges play an important role on every E-commerce website. Customers might hesitate to enter their credit card information when they are about to make a purchase. They want to be sure that their payments will be secure and there is no chance of any compromises.

By displaying trust badges from the E-commerce payment options you are providing, you can allay any fears your customers may have and increase their confidence when transacting with you. Trust badges from reputable payment service providers such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard will go a long way in convincing your customers that they can trust doing business with you. You don’t want to lose potential customers or see frequent cart abandonments simply because you’re missing these logos.

E-commerce Anti-Virus Badges

Many anti-virus companies offer trust badges to increase website security, which makes customers feel more secure. The Norton trust seal is a popular option because it is highly recognizable. By using an anti-virus badge, you can assure your website visitors that they will be protected against malware attacks.

E-commerce Privacy Trust

Online privacy is a paramount concern for internet users. Your website’s visitors will want to be confident that their information will be confidential when they input it on your site. If there’s any chance their data could be mishandled, then they’ll likely take their business elsewhere. The good news is that you can have your website audited for privacy compliance and receive a trust seal from the organization conducting the audit. This lets your potential customers know at-a-glance that your site takes security seriously.

E-commerce Final Thoughts

If your ecommerce website doesn’t have a trust seal, you’re missing out on the chance to reach your desired conversion levels. Your customers are more likely to abandon their carts and drop the purchase idea if they don’t see a trust seal on your site. Some of these trust badges—such as the SSL certificate—are affordable; some even come at no cost. So there’s no excuse not to ensure that you have the badges on your ecommerce website. Having them is good for both conversions rates and business growth. For more information on trust badges, we encourage you to read the following article by Vasilij Brandt who’s the Co-Founder of Blazar Capital.