Top 10 Sales Jobs Posting Sites

Top 10 Sales Jobs Posting Sites

Best Sites for Sales Jobs: Top 10 Sales Job Portals for Employers and Job Seekers


Career and Employment in Sales and Marketing Field – Top 10 Job Boards for Marketers and Salesmen in 2022


Sales and marketing department of any organization plays a significant role in the growth or progress of the organization. It is because sales department is responsible for bridging the gap between the company’s services, products and its customers and hence also responsible for company’s direct and indirect growth.

In a nutshell, it means that any organization relies heavily on sales department. Thus, in that case, if you are a graduate in sales and marketing and searching for a good sales and marketing job then it is a golden opportunity to prove yourself and rise high within a company.



Top 10 Sales Jobs Posting Sites
Top 10 Job Boards for Employment in Sales and Marketing Field


And keeping same in mind today we are going to share 10 best sales sites to search sales and marketing jobs for professionals and employers for posting jobs. On these sites you can find specific jobs of sales and marketing, so that you can apply for that which suits your education and experience best. For employers and recruiters they are the best sales job boards globally.


So, here the list begins:-


#1. SalesGravy


salesgravy-simply-sales-career-500x250 Sales Career Portal the Best Site for Career in Sales


SalesGravy is one of the best websites to find sales and marketing job. With this sales and marketing job site, you can find best sales jobs thereby joining the portal with jobseeker login.

Along with that website also presents many helpful options which you can utilize to get the best job. For instance: – Articles, podcasts, women in sales, etc.


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Rainmakers-job-site-for-top-talents-in-sales-500x250 Best job site for top talents in sales marketing
Rainmakers- A Job Site for Top Talents in sales


The next in the list of sales and marketing jobs sites is It is the website where you can find jobs from entry-level jobs to high-level sales and marketing job along with city, state and zip code option.


Rainmakers is for top talent in sales field. Also, you can share your success job found story with their “I Found a Job” option. So if you are searching for sales and marketing job, then you should give it a try.


#3. SalesTrax


salestrax- Best Portal that connects Sales Professionals with right sales marketing job opportunities A top job portal that connects sales professionals to sales opportunities


SalesTrax is next in the row and is also one of the best sales and marketing job portal. Here you can easily find the most relevant job as per your experience, qualification, and location. The website uses the latest technology to filter out the most relevant jobs for you with use of certain filters.


All you have to do is to create an account on this portal with jobseeker login and you are done.  You can also go for their “job alerts” option through which you can get latest updates regarding sales job from time to time.


#4. SalesHeads


SalesHeads is next on the list and is also among one of the top sales and marketing job websites. The process is quite simple, and you just have to follow it. You have to create an account to get the information about latest sales job opportunities.

salesheads-com-job-portal-600x156 Job Search Engine for Sales Professionals


The website shows it all by showing key details on the front page, for instance:-  recent job postings,  companies hiring today,  Sales Jobs Available, New Jobs This Week and Companies Hiring (in a week). Thus, if you are trying to get a good job in sales or marketing, then this site can help you the best. for Employers: offers great job publishing opportunities for the employers who want to recruit for sales and marketing staff.

The site offers job hiring solutions to the following types of businesses and companies:

  • Enterprise Businesses
  • Small/Medium-sized Businesses
  • Agencies provides the following types of advantages for the online recruitment compared to other sales job boards:


#5. TheLions


TheLions is next in the series of best sales and marketing websites. With this site, you can get best sales jobs especially when you are searching it in the tech industry. The Lions established back in 2009, and since then it is serving its customer base efficiently.
Thelines-top-job-board-sales-job-posting-site-600x261 top job site for sales professionals


Thus, if you are also trying to get a job in sales and marketing in Tech industry or startup, then you should have TheLions on your list.


#6. Medzilla


Medzilla is also one of the best sites to get best jobs in sales and marketing sector. But as the name suggests it best suites if your area of choice is healthcare, pharmacy or science. The best thing for job seekers is that Medzilla is free for them.


All you have to do is create an account and post your resume to get best opportunities in your medical domain.  This website is a must to keep on your list as it is efficiently serving the services of providing sales jobs in the medical field since 1994.



#7. TheLadders


TheLadders is also one of the best sales and marketing job sites. It was founded in 2003 and since then serving the jobseekers to get the job and employers to get the best talent out of rest. This sales and marketing job site make use of latest tools, personalized insights and services to provide outstanding services to professionals.


The popularity of the website among employers and jobseekers can easily be evaluated by looking into its statistics. The website has till now, more than 9 million professionals, over 1 million hires, over 200000 employers and over 3 million jobs a year. So, if you are searching for the best job in sales and marketing, then you should give it a try as it doesn’t charge you a penny.


#8. Crunchboard


Crunchboard is next in the list and one of the best amid sales and marketing job websites. It is an official job board of TechCrunch. Here you can search job with keywords, distance, and location basis. Thus, to get in the eyes of best sales job providers all you have to do is create a job seeker account on the same platform and then you are done.

You can also subscribe to their job alert option to get updates as soon as any job posted on the portal in your domain.


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#9. Talentzoo



Talentzoo is one the best and oldest sales and marketing job provider portal.  It was founded in the year of 1996 and continues to evolve out as the best marketing, sales, creative design, media and digital marketing jobs provider agency.


All you have to do get best sales and marketing job offers to sign up through smartrecruiters who are their hiring partners. So go and register now.


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#10. Flexjobs


Flexjobs is last but not least on the list of best sales and marketing jobs websites. Their funda is quite simple as it reflects in their logo itself “Life is flexible. Is your job? “So it is one of the platforms to get flexible yet best jobs which are hand-screened and legitimate.Thus, if you are searching for employment in the same domain then try this website as it will provide you enormous benefits.

For instance:-Jobs With Flexibility, New Jobs Daily, Researched Companies, Skills Testing, jobs tips, articles and much more other resources.



Hope this post on best sales and marketing job search sites will help you to find the best jobs. If it helps, then don’t forget to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues as sharing is caring. Also do comment in the comment box to share your views, suggestions and other websites if you know any. We would love to include them and hear from your end.


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