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Carp Fishing Tips – Deep Water Or Shallow Water

Carp Fishing Tips – Deep Water Or Shallow Water

The margins are that area which is very near to the bank. Many beginning carp fishers think the best chance to catch a fish is to cast as far as they possibly can toward the center of the lake. Carp are in these margins during daylight and the hours of darkness. Therefore the margins provide an excellent opportunity to improve success.

The angler could simply drop the bait below the rod tip and be fishing the margins. However this probably not the best location to fish since it is to close to a person. Carp by nature are wary and cautious. They are easily spooked by sudden movements, noises or vibrations. They may be swimming close to the angler in the margins but this does not mean that they are going to be comfortable enough to feed while in such close range. It is best to fish the hook bait as far to the left or right as possible when fishing the margins. In this way the angler can move move around a little bit more without taking the chance of spooking a fish which might be investigating the bait.

When fishing the margins try to locate a spot that has features which are attractive to carp. Simply putting the bait anywhere in the margins would be the same as casting a bait into the open water while hoping for the best. Try locating areas in these margins with suitable features like a dip or shelf on the waters bottom, a patch of weeds or gravel, a sunken branch or a clear spot where the fish might have previously fed. It will be worth the effort to put the bait near either of these features since carp like to hang out in these kind of areas.

Some carp become so wary that the slightest unnatural things in the water will spook them. Including fishing line. One way to overcome this problem is by pinning the line to the waters bottom. When the line is pinned down the fish can swim around without touching it which might spook them. A back lead should be used in order to pin the line the waters bottom. A back lead is a weight which has a plastic clip that is attached to the line. This will sink to the bottom taking the fishing line with it. A paper clip and a small ledger can be used for a home made back lead.

One of the advantages of fishing the margins is that a carp won`t have to be reeled in as far as it would if it were hooked twenty yards toward the middle of the lake. However this does not mean the fish should just be quickly reeled in. It still needs to be played to ensure that is tired before attempting to get it into the landing net. Trying to rush a fish and get it in before it is ready very often leads to a lost fish while it is making a powerful dash for its freedom.

No need for those long and accurate casts while fishing the margins. Simply walk to the desired spot and drop the bait. Then walk back to the anglers station and put the rod in its rest. If an angler is not confident with their casting ability then margin fishing is ideal. The tackle can be be baited and put in the exact same location every time.

Another advantage of margin fishing is that eventually loose bait will accumulate around the hook bait which will be attracting more fish. Pretty soon they will become confident and begin to devour the hook bait. Building a bed of bait at long range and then consistently casting the hook bait back on the bed can be very difficult. With this method the hook bait can be dropped on the bed every time.

Many beginning carp fishers will continue to ignore the margins and cast long distances in order to catch fish even though this is a mistake. The margins actually do produce some really large fish. This method of fishing is so simple that it makes it ideal for anglers of all levels. So for an opportunity that has as many carp to catch as any other location give the margins a try. You will have to be quieter and keep vibrations to a minimum but fishing is meant to be a tranquil sport anyway.