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Conquer The Internet With These Ten Steps

Conquer The Internet With These Ten Steps

Conquer the Internet by implementing these ten simple but crucial steps and explode your internet exposure and your Home Based Business. With 1.96 Billion people online, businesses are turning to the Internet to promote their products and services. The challenge that many Small Business, Home Base Businesses, Network Marketers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Insurance Agents are having with online marketing is putting the proper strategies in the right order. There needs to be a step by step blueprint to implement the strategies and the principal’s of an online marketing campaign. Many Small Businesses or Home Base Businesses start by with their website. The problem they are experiencing is that they need to get traffic or potential customers to their websites. There are many different ways to generate traffic but when done incorrectly like Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising it can be very expense depending on what keywords you are bidding on. The following ten strategies or blueprint if followed will cut down on the learning curve and save you money from a trail and error process.

1. Demand. Determine whether there is a demand for your product or service. The first and most important step is keyword research. Keyword research requires finding your niche or area of expertise. Then search for the problem that people are looking to have solved and position yourself in the marketplace as the expert that can solve their problem.

2. Target Market. Finding your target market for your product or service. Developing your Niche and positioning yourself as the expert in your Niche. This may be how the health product you a selling will benefit someone with high cholesterol. A Real Estate Agent that specializes in Short Sales or Foreclosures and how to set up the right funding for your buyer and streamline the process. A Mortgage Broker that specializes in mortgages for properties that need extensive repairs like a foreclosure or in reverse mortgages how you can help the elderly solve their financial needs. Give away a free report or a series of videos explaining your solution.

3. Personal Branding. Develop your Personal Brand with your Photo and your message. Do not get all hung up about the process of your Personal Brand this will develop over time.

4. Traffic Generation. Finding the proper avenues in online marketing that will bring a steady stream of laser targeted leads or customers willing to pay for your product or service.

5. List Building. Capturing your leads and keeping in contact with email marketing, news letters. Most online businesses spend good money to get visitors in front of their Website but if they do not buy they are gone forever. These leads information should be captured with an opt in box on your website and an auto responder with a series of responses that are sent over time and builds a relationship with your leads and future customers. Not everyone is ready to buy your product or service but may be looking in the future so stay connected.

6.Conversion. Having the right websites in place to increase your conversion rate and sales. Proving valuable information about your product or service you will build a list of loyal customers that will buy your products and send you referrals.

7. Affiliate Programs. If you are in Home Based Business Arena there are many Affiliate Programs that will give you additional Income Streams and additional profit. Find other products or services that you can sell or refer and create additional Income Streams.

8. Recurring Revenue Streams. These are streams of income that once you make a sale you get paid a residual income month after month. Provide a product or service that gives you a monthly income stream on auto pilot.

9. Multiple Streams of Income. Once you set a one stream of income find other products or services that you can sell to your customer base that will help them solve their problem in other areas and provide you with Multiple Streams of Income.

10. Joint Ventures. Over time you will build relationships and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs that you can promote one another’s products and services or create your own product to promote through your network.

This list may seem overwhelming but when you have a system and a network already in place with many of the top internet marketers that provides the websites, training and additional income streams all in one place making it an easy system to learn and implement. If you would like more information on our system and would like to Conquer The Internet Click the link below