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Copywriters Can Get You Through the Downturn

Copywriters Can Get You Through the Downturn

It seems like you can’t move in the world of business these days without encountering some business that’s dispensed with or reduced its marketing spend in some way.

Sure, these are trying times, but this seems like a curious route back to profit. Do these companies think that their profit margins will suddenly increase radically because they’ve managed to cut their costs? No, I believe that marketing is more vital in a recession than ever and that copywriters are key to delivering it.

Marketing is really a central proposition for a viable business these days. Let’s face it, it’s all about identifying markets, honing messages and creating sales channels. As for copywriters, well, they’re busy doing the communicating that drives every aspect of the marketing strategy.

Copywriting comes down to content. And I’m not talking about the stuff that pours out of the Bombay word farms. Twitter and Facebook might get your blood pumping, but you still need someone to write the content in a relevant way that’s original enough to stand out against all the verbiage that’s out there.

But content, surprisingly, is probably the smallest aspect of a copywriter’s workload. A good copywriter will spend hours talking with the client and establishing a brief that clarifies what the client’s Unique Selling Point is, what value they offer and the language used by the target market.

But naturally, before any of this takes place, it’s vital that your copywriter can get people onto your website. This is where SEO copywriting comes in. What keywords do you need? Where should they be placed in the copy for maximum effectiveness? And at what density?

In short, a good copywriter can help you differentiate your product offering, which is vital in a recession. People still need to buy things, like groceries, sofas and new computers, but they’re just a little more careful about where they buy them from when times are tough.

That means that you need well-thought-out messaging that speaks the language of your customers and ties in to a particular fear or promises a specific benefit. Copywriters can help you put out pin-sharp messages that reach the precise markets you want to target.

Using a good copywriter will cost you a penny or two – but they do offer value. And the words they create for your business, once paid for and copyright secured, can be used again and again in different media. A good tagline can last a lifetime, too. So, copywriting is an investment rather than an expense.

So, yes, you can do well in a recession, but you might need to press on with your marketing – and talk to a friendly freelance copywriter while you’re at it.