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Five Ways Toys Make Great Prizes At Schools’ Summer Fairs

Five Ways Toys Make Great Prizes At Schools’ Summer Fairs

A summer fair is a wonderful thing for a school to hold. As well as building cohesion amongst different families and making sure everyone has a fabulous day out, it’s also a brilliant opportunity to raise some much-needed money. This cash – whether it’s to go back into the budget or even to a charity – can be raised by offering prizes to people who pay to take part in games and raffles. If you’re trying to find worthy treats for the winners, here are four ways that toys make for great prizes during summer fairs.

1. Convenience

There are many fantastic wholesale toys that are easy to get your hands on. The fact that you can buy the prizes in bulk couldn’t be more convenient to you and the other organisers, as you can quickly tick this task off your to-do list and move onto more pressing matters in the knowledge that the prizes are sorted.

2. Universality

Toys have a universal appeal. This guarantees that no one will be disappointed when they’re handed the prize they’ve won. Children will be smiling from ear to ear with the excitement of bagging themselves a toy, whereas the parents will get plenty of satisfaction out of handing the goodies to their kids to enjoy.

3. Atmosphere

Toys – what with their bright colours and fun features – are perfect for maintaining a positive atmosphere. In turn, this should ensure that people stick around for longer and enjoy the fair more than they otherwise would. For instance, awarding something as bland as a voucher as a prize simply wouldn’t have the same effect.

4. Durability

Many toys are famously durable, which is one reason families get years of fun out of them. In terms of the fair, this should make them easy to store and transport before the event. They can also be used in lucky dips, a game that’s a staple of summer fairs.

5. Profit Margin

To maximise the profit you can make from a game at a school summer fair you need to be able to buy the best qulity prizes for the lowest price possible. This is were buying from a reputable Toy Wholesaler comes in handy. Bypass the inflated retail prices and buy from the source to really maximse your profits. After all the main reason to hold a summer fair is to help raise much needed funds for your school.

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