Free Electricity – EBM (Energy by Motion), Free Power and Income For the Masses in the United States

Free Electricity – EBM (Energy by Motion), Free Power and Income For the Masses in the United States

In vision this: You’re sitting by your covered backyard pool, sunning yourself under your infrared tanning sunlight’s as you watch your poolside big screen TV. The pool is at a pleasant 99 degrees and the air temp inside your pool enclosure is a wonderful 95 degrees. Your 3 floor house, 4500 square feet, is at a comfy 78 degrees, all the lights usually all stay on until sleepy time, including all the pool room lights and heaters, and all outdoor security lights. The outdoor temperature is 14 degrees F. You are not bothered or even concerned because you no longer pay an electric bill or a gas bill. You produce all that you need in a little closet in your garage. You produce so much that you can sell your excess power to the power company who pays you a nice check every month for the supply.

Congress says they have to buy it.

Isn’t that just a wonderful picture of how things ought to be. As a matter of fact how they ought to be across the nation? At homes and small business’s grocery stores and bowling alleys, fast food restaurants and small factories and while we’re at it, how about big factories like GM, G.E. RCA, Microsoft and the like.

Could you just imagine what it would be like to never have a storm knockout the power for 300,000 people in Oklahoma City, or anywhere else in the U.S., for a solid month at a time and cause so much suffering, loss of life and work stoppage and income loss.

Can you imagine if all the above had that capability, how much they could save in production costs, how much their customers could save in the cost of a new car, wash machine, TV, airplane, houses, ovens, coffee pots, computers? Its commonly thought that the savings in total energy costs from the average household income would be as much as 40%, if the same technology was also applied to cars and truck transport for the average household. So how much would that be at your house?

The U.S. currently imports $700 billion dollars a year in oil from people who would just as soon see us perish. That figures out to be $23,333.33 for each and every American on this planet, per year. Of course a big gob of that goes for our military, federal and state governments as well as city fuel and lubricant needs. And last but not least, the cost of distribution of 80% of all we use daily shipped by over the road trucking and train freight transport. Ultimately the little guys foot the bill in taxes, fees, excessive profit margins etc. Don’t you just think that is crazy expensive? I mean the really nutzy kind of crazy? There is a whole heck of a lot of folks that don’t even make $23 GRAND A YEAR AND A GREAT BIG GOB OF OLDER FOLKS WHO WOULD BE IN HOG HEAVEN IF THEY COULD RETIRE ON THAT PER YEAR.

Now here is the crux of the matter that will get your panties in a knot. The technology is here now to provide all that I have talked about so far and way beyond that. A REAL SMART FELLA NAMED NICOLA TESLA came up with the equivalent of EBM almost 200 years ago. His boss, a crook named Edison and his personal money man, J.P. Morgan screwed him out of the natural course of his inventive genius and ended up screwing the whole American public by foisting a centralized electric power grid and power companies to squeeze as much profit out of the people as they would tolerate.

New York City has had this technology for decades. To put it very simply the technology is called EBM, Energy By Motion. It’s really very simple. Here is a simple experiment you can do to show yourself, with your own hands, what EBM Energy By Motion is, and what it can do for you.

Get 15 foot of 14 or 16 gauge copper wire. Wrap it in a coil around one of your hands; be sure to leave about 6 inches from the beginning and the end of the string of wire out of the coil at one end. Next get a flashlight bulb, wrap a few wraps around the sides of the base of the bulb, then tape or glue the other wire to the lead button on the bottom of the bulb. Next you take a strong bar magnet about the same length as the wire coil is long and with your hand holding it, Pass the magnet quickly back and forth over that wire coil. THE BULB LIGHTS UP. You have made electric energy by the means of EBM Energy By Motion. No batteries, no power lines no nothing accept the motion of your hand moving a permanent magnet over a coil of wire leading to a light bulb. You in fact became a part of an EBM generator. Add a little size to that coil and use more magnets with more magnetic (Tesla Flux) strength, and you can power all the needs of your home. This can happen most effectively by driving your generator with a permanent magnet motor. Another Tesla Invention bastardized by the crook Edison. Poor Nicola should have never worked for Edison, never, never, never!

So do you have this picture painted in your mind’s eye clear enough? Does it seem like I have put a choice before you? Well I have. All the information you need is in public domain. At the library and on the net. Probably the only way it will happen for you is if you do it for yourself. DIY FREE ELECTRICITY. Or here’s another way to look at it. Choose to remain in bondage as a slave or choose to work out your freedom for yourself, your sons and your sons son’s. What will you do? Can you say it out loud with your own voice? You can choose right now!