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Occupy Wall Avenue, Van Jones and Obama 2012

Occupy Wall Avenue, Van Jones and Obama 2012

It is a tale of two Americas. Obama’s opaque alternate re-election campaign is heading on in New York and now Chicago, Los Angeles – and coming quickly to a city near you. Occupy Wall Avenue, which has captivated absolutely everyone from Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore and Frances Fox Piven to a lot of Ron Paulers, has tapped into a lot of populist frustrations and resources of anger. Truth of the matter told, most Us residents would most likely concur with at minimum a person of their gripes. Who likes corruption, unemployment, slipping wages, the Federal Reserve Bank or bailouts?

I have been next the organizers’ web sites for the past various months to get a cope with on what it is really all about. I also cast a net over the “usual suspects”, individuals groups that would probably guidance these an motion. Usually, a single only has to copy a checklist of the logos belonging to the groups supportive of Barack Obama’s 2008/2012 election bids and you have the record. For a refresher, you can go to Van Jones group – Rebuild the American Desire (rebuildthedream.com), scroll down and see the players. For those unfamiliar, Van Jones was Mr. Obama’s previous Environmentally friendly Careers Czar and an avowed communist. He has been intently associated with STORM (Standing Jointly to Arrange a Groundbreaking Motion), Environmentally friendly for All, Middle for American Progress and lots of other socialist and progressive businesses, and has emerged as a important chief throughout the environmental, social and economic justice leads to. This man is good, innovative and charismatic and one particular to view. He is at present in Washington, D.C. as the keynote speaker for their multi-day Rebuild the American Desire forum. Glance for their connected teams becoming a member of with the Occupy Wall Street protesters. In accordance to Van Jones, “Oct is going to be the turning point when it comes to the Progressive struggle again.”

To add yet another twist to Occupy Wall Street, the hacker team Nameless experienced promised to “erase NYSE from the Internet” on Oct 10th, and then today denied the approach. Sadly, this team has demonstrated several periods its capability to shut down significant networks. Whichever is the situation, I think about bankers and brokers in New York and somewhere else are emotion alternatively uneasy.

Coming entire circle back again to the administration and Democratic management, we have these two tidbits before this week. Dick Durbin on the floor of the Senate contacting on Financial institution of The us consumers to vote with their feet and close their BofA accounts around the bank’s announcement to demand a $5.00 a thirty day period rate for their debit playing cards (a immediate final result of the Durbin Amendment to Dodd-Frank, selling price-correcting the price banks cost merchants for debit card swipes, cutting down them from $.44 to $.21 to $.24). Lender operate, anybody? The exact same working day President Obama created the following assertion through an job interview with George Stephanopoulos. Obama was requested if the governing administration can cease banking companies from imposing a new debit card cost on their consumers.

“Properly, you can prevent it due to the fact… if you say to the financial institutions, ‘you don’t have some inherent suitable just to — you know, get a sure amount of money of earnings if your shoppers are currently being mistreated. That you have to take care of them relatively and transparently.’

So what are the protesters and supportive teams following with their Occupy Wall Street steps? Their web page has now unveiled their need list. Let’s just take a appear:

Demand one particular: Restoration of the residing wage. This demand can only be met by ending “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American marketplace to level the actively playing area for domestic spouse and children farming and domestic producing as most nations that are dumping low-priced solutions on to the American industry have radical wage and environmental regulation benefits. Another coverage that ought to be instituted is raise the minimum amount wage to twenty dollars an hr.

Demand two: Institute a common one payer health care program. To do this all private insurers ought to be banned from the health care sector as their only result on the health and fitness of sufferers is to get income absent from medical doctors, nurses and hospitals protecting against them from doing their employment and hand that dollars to wall st. buyers.

Demand from customers a few: Confirmed living wage earnings irrespective of work.

Desire 4: No cost college or university education and learning.

Need five: Start out a rapid keep track of method to bring the fossil fuel economy to an finish while at the same bringing the alternative electrical power economic climate up to power desire.

Demand 6: Just one trillion dollars in infrastructure (H2o, Sewer, Rail, Roadways and Bridges and Electrical Grid) investing now.

Desire seven: One trillion bucks in ecological restoration planting forests, reestablishing wetlands and the pure stream of river methods and decommissioning of all of America’s nuclear electrical power vegetation.

Demand eight: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.

Demand 9: Open borders migration. everyone can journey everywhere to work and reside.

Desire ten: Convey American elections up to worldwide benchmarks of a paper ballot precinct counted and recounted in front of an impartial and party observers method.

Demand from customers eleven: Speedy throughout the board credit card debt forgiveness for all. Credit card debt forgiveness of sovereign personal debt, industrial loans, home mortgages, dwelling equity financial loans, credit score card personal debt, scholar loans and personalized loans now! All debt ought to be stricken from the “Books.” Earth Lender Financial loans to all Nations, Lender to Financial institution Debt and all Bonds and Margin Connect with Personal debt in the inventory industry such as all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them need to also be stricken from the “Books.” And I don’t necessarily mean personal debt that is in default, I suggest all credit card debt on the overall earth time period.

Need twelve: Outlaw all credit score reporting organizations.

Demand from customers 13: Let all workers to signal a ballot at any time throughout a union organizing marketing campaign or at any time that signifies their yeah or nay to possessing a union characterize them in collective bargaining or to kind a union.

These requires will build so lots of careers it will be completely unattainable to fill them with no an open borders plan. (occupywallst.org)

We are in truth living in fascinating occasions. Mr. Obama is crisscrossing the state energizing his base enjoying his class warfare video game to market his “Work opportunities System”, whilst subtly feeding the Occupy Wall Street teams with his denigration of the banking companies and Wall Road kinds, his “tax the evil loaded” fairness concept, and his excoriation of all matters carbon.

The President appears to be to be going toward a marketing campaign concept of “values”, basically a watered down version of Roosevelt’s Next Invoice of Rights, mirroring lots of of Occupy Wall Street’s demands. Note, as well, that quite a few of these very same ambitions are in line with Rebuild the American Desire, the AFL-CIO, SEIU and several other people.

Obama’s apparent marketing campaign strategy is most likely a great just one, supplying a apparent counterpoint to the Tea Bash movement and tapping into the common discontent in the place. These opposing sights characterize the two Americas. One particular can only hope that Individuals will have the option to make their selections recognised at the ballot box in November 2012, relatively than have it determined on the streets of New York and in other places.

So significantly, Van Jones is contacting for these attempts to stay peaceful. Let’s hope at the very least that lead will be followed. We have noticed related demonstrations in Greece, London and in other places get incredibly ugly.

Moments are in fact tough with a single out of four adult males either unemployed or underemployed. And with the schizophrenia coming out of Washington, the collapsing European Union and the slowing Chinese economy the political and financial landscapes are sure to get noticeably worse above the next twelve months.

We are all soon after “change we can believe in”. We can only “hope” that change is for the superior. Continue to be tuned.