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The 7 Most Interesting Bogota, Colombia Neighborhoods For Overseas True Estate Traders

The 7 Most Interesting Bogota, Colombia Neighborhoods For Overseas True Estate Traders

The true estate increase in Colombia is absolutely attracting additional and a lot more overseas true estate investors each individual day. Expansion in Colombia’s money metropolis, Bogota D.C. has been amazing. On the other hand, as in all marketplaces some locations in the town have been carrying out superior than other folks. In addition, foreign financial investment in Bogota Genuine Estate has been predominantly focusing on 7 high profile Bogota neighborhoods which are yielding the most effective final results.

Below, we will listing the 7 most desirable Bogota neighborhoods for true estate buyers. But very first let us go around how the city of Bogota is actually divided. Bogota has 2 forms of divisions: Localities and Neighborhoods. Localities are large sectors that have lots of neighborhoods inside of them. Type of like Burrows in New York City but a little bit more compact.  

Bogota Colombia is broken up into 20 Localities (Localidades), each and every owning lots of neighborhoods:

  • Antonio Narino
  • Barrios Unidos
  • Bosa
  • Candelaria
  • Chapinero
  • Ciudad Bólivar
  • Engativa
  • Fontibón
  • Kennedy
  • Martires
  • Puente Aranda
  • Rafael Uribe
  • San Cristobal
  • Santa Fe
  • Suba
  • Sumapaz
  • Teusaquillo
  • Tunjuelito
  • Usaquen
  • Usme

Exactly where must I Devote in Bogota?

There is basically no, just one most effective answer. However based mostly on present-day advancement and demand from customers the neighborhoods below appear to be to be fantastic candidates. For foreign actual estate traders, coming predominantly from the US and Europe, the 7 most interesting and successful Bogota Colombia Neighborhoods proper now, seem to be:

  1. Chico, (Chapinero)
  2. Cabrera (Chapinero)
  3. Rosales (Chapinero)
  4. Santa Barbara (Usaquén)
  5. Santa Lucia (Usaquen)
  6. Santa Ana (Usaquen)
  7. Chapinero Alto, (Chapinero)

It is really exciting to notice that these 7 neighborhoods are only coming from 2 Bogota localities Chapinero and Usaquen. Equally of these localities are in the North Japanese portion of the metropolis the place most of the country’s rich citizens stay. Lucrative Bogota serious estate options are ample in these neighborhoods and development is quite prolific.

A Feasible Explanation as to Why Investments in These Areas Have Greater Desire

These are exclusive neighborhoods where housing is a bit extra high-priced than in the relaxation of Bogota but the worth of the qualities tends to raise more fast. Lease charges are also higher and will as a result provide in far better passive earnings streams to those who choose to go that route.

What About Real Estate in Other Localities and Neighborhoods?

Of program, there are also quite a few other prospects in distinct neighborhoods, such as Cabrera and Candelaria (These remaining 2 extremely preferred tourist places in Bogota) however these locations generally draw in the youthful adventurous sort of crowd. Home prices have risen in these areas as well but not as quick as they have in additional elite neighborhoods these as the 7 pointed out previously mentioned.

Business serious estate chances in the 7 neighborhoods talked about over are also abundant. Overseas firm’s and multinational corporations are quickly migrating to these northeastern neighborhoods in Bogota.

“It used to be that Downtown Bogota was the area to obtain international companies and multinational providers but that has adjusted” claims Fabio Rodriguez, Social Media Strategist at VivaReal.net’s Bogota Colombia workplace, who aids take care of a great deal of the corporations Serious Estate inventory in Bogota and affirms that “…much more and more corporations are imagining of the North as the greatest spot to have business house.”