7 Behavior of Highly Determined, Silly Persons

7 Behavior of Highly Determined, Silly Persons

Wasted: Tons of time with folks who are so ‘thick” they just maintain on the identical dumb observe.

Actions Required: #1. Fiercely obstacle very determined, silly people (HMSP’s). Be well prepared to be improper often. #2. Do not give them the time of working day.

Attainable Stumbling Blocks: An inability and/or unwillingness to confront and shut down undesirable thoughts enthusiastically proposed by stupid men and women.

Notoriety of highly determined stupidity: Philandering. Multiple marriages. Enron, Nortel, Bernie Madoff. Persons who worked for Bernie Madoff. Wall Avenue. The administration of Washington Mutual. Smoking cigarettes. Drunk driving, and so on.

“Look at the stupidity of the common individual. Then know that the rest of us are even stupider!” – George Carlin.

I know it is not well-liked to label people today as stupid. But just look at the Tv set shows Dragons Den, American Idol auditions, Oprah, Dr. Phil or Survivor and it will develop into apparent that some men and women are just simple silly.

All of us do stupid issues at some time in our life. We pay the selling price and learn from people unwell-fated actions. No problem. We reduce our inspiration to do matters that you should not function or have a extremely low chance of at any time working. We move on.

I determine a extremely enthusiastic, silly particular person as another person who, in spite of the proof put right before him or her, or the insights provided by men and women who are wiser and far more seasoned, and no make a difference how a lot of situations the human being fails in attaining their purpose, they keep proper on striving to do it. They dwell in denial.

Stupid persons, I imagine, can have superior IQ’s. In excess of the 31 many years that, as a company psychologist, I have viewed and listened to pretty IQ clever people currently being constantly stupid, I have learned their 7 widespread patterns:

  1. Very inspired, stupid men and women operate to keep their self-awareness at a lower stage. They run like a deer in the headlights.
  2. HMSP’s actively reject just about anything that does not in good shape their thought of their reality.
  3. They are total of contempt or pity for others who do not share their see of how the world works.
  4. HMSP’s will invest their and/or their families’ challenging earned income in a unsuccessful try to make their aspiration come about.
  5. They will frivolously “burn their bridges of aid” so they turn out to be marooned on the island of alienation.
  6. HMSP’s are continuously on the hunt for that 1 individual who will validate their idiotic, unworkable strategy.
  7. They are masters at self-delusion fed by their constructive imagining. The a lot more deluded they are, the much more extremely enthusiastic they are to continue on on their sick-fated route.