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A Fresh New Look for the Message Editor

A Fresh New Look for the Message Editor

Speedier and a lot easier navigation. Less visible muddle. In addition, copy-and-paste into the concept editor is now a breeze.

The up coming time you log into your AWeber account, you may possibly recognize that the message editor has modified. All the same features is there, but it has moved out of your way so you can get down to creating your emails with no interruptions.

What’s new?

Component navigation on the facet

The “move,” “copy,” and “delete” buttons are in a new spot.

A GIF showing the copy, delete, and move options in the editor from the bottom and left side to the right side.

You’ll no more time see blue and black bins bordering the row / element you’re doing the job on. Rather, you’ll see a light-weight grey line on the right aspect of your factor. The row will have a light blue box surrounding it only if you are right operating on that unique row.

In the new version, you have to hover in excess of the area to see the shift, copy, and delete alternatives.

Check out out what altered:

Prior to

The old message editor with the row selected and copy and delete at the bottom.

Right after

AWeber message editor

With fewer visible distractions, you can get your future e mail despatched more rapidly than ever.

We’ve combined the Header and Paragraph components so you can now generate headers immediately inside of the paragraph element.

Examine out what changed:

Duplicate-and-paste from a separate document in seconds

Do you draft your emails in Google Docs? Microsoft Word? Apple Internet pages? Somewhere else? It’s really uncomplicated to duplicate those people e mail drafts and paste them instantly into the AWeber information editor.

GIF of copying and pasting an email message from a Google Doc into your message.

Test out the information editor today — updates involved — and allow us know what you assume in the comments section below👇.