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Freebie Trading – What is it and How Does it Make Me Money?

Freebie Trading – What is it and How Does it Make Me Money?

Before we begin, I know that the readers of this article fall into two distinct categories. Those that have heard and read about Freebie Trading, and those that know nothing of it at all. For the purposes of this article, I am going to assume that you are of the latter group. If you are of the first group then I do encourage you to read on especially if you are on the edge of deciding to participate in this business. You might just find some useful information to help you make a more informed decision. Now that we have that out of the way, let us continue on and learn about what Freebie Trading is and what it can do for you.

Freebie Trading is a business. It involves a legitimate amount of work and effort in order to succeed, but when you do succeed it is not only highly rewarding, but fun as well. I want to start off my dispelling some of the rumors about online businesses and explain why they do not apply to Freebie Trading. You will not get rich in this business, and you will not make millions of dollars fast. Unfortunately you cannot make money one month and then sit back the next month and still make money. Those few traits are what most online scams have in common, the promise for fast wealth with minimal effort.

Let me put some realistic expectations of what you can expect out of Freebie Trading. Working part time in this business can put $500-$1000 in your bank account each month if you work at it. Some of the best traders in the business make an upwards of $3000 a month working full time. It may not seem like a lot, but in this time of economic downturn anything helps. Plus you are forgetting the most important factor, it is fun. The best thing about Freebie Trading is that it is a very fun and rewarding experience that I would not trade for anything.

So what the heck is Freebie Trading? Well if you have been on the internet for more then five minutes in your life, I am sure you have run into an Incentivized Freebie Website(IFW). It is one of those sites where they offer you a free iPod or X-Box 360 by filling out certain offers and trial memberships. We have all seen them and have closed them without giving it a second thought. But one day, someone got smart about the idea. The way most IFWs work is that you sign up for the site and complete a certain amount of offers. Whenever you fulfill the requirements of the site your account goes Green. In the industry we call this going Green, how clever. Now the website wants you to refer one person and have them go Green. Each time you send them a new person, they will send you $60. Well what that guy with the smart idea did was that he paid someone $30 to complete offers on the IFW. Basically paying half of his earnings to the referral. Eventually enough people jumped on the bandwagon and created the Freebie Trading industry as we know it today.

If that was a little confusing, let me see if I can simplify for you. Lets say there is an IFW called FreeJunk. Now FreeJunk has a plan where if you go Green and refer someone that also goes Green, they will send you $60. So you go off and offer someone $30 to go Green on FreeJunk. The IFW pays you $60 and you in turn give the person you referred $30. It is a win-win for everybody. The IFW gets paid their commissions from the completed offers, you get paid by the IFW and your referrer gets paid by you.

But how do those IFW’s make money if they are just giving it all to us? Well here is how they work. Lets say the IFW FreeJunk has 4 offers on their website. Your goal is to go Green by completing one credits worth of offers. One offer on the site is for a free trial to movie deliveries at home. By getting people to sign up for that, the movie delivery service pays FreeJunk $80. So when you sign up for it, you get One Credit, they pay you $60 and they keep the extra $20. It may seem a little confusing but it does make sense with a bit of practice.

Now there are a few things to consider when thinking about Freebie Trading. One is that you do need a valid and active credit card to sign up for these offers. Do not worry about fraud because all of the offers on these sites are from legitimate companies, many of them you have heard of such as Netflix and Blockbuster. But one of the good things about Freebie Trading is that it has little to no startup costs. You might pay $3 or $4 for a trial, but you get that money back and then some when the trade is completed.

If you want further proof of people making money through this business, I do encourage you to check out the Free Lunch Room Trophy Case where people post their earnings to show off to others. While you are there as well, feel free to register and look around the website some and gain a more solid feel of what the business is like before you decide to give it a shot or toss it away. It is free to look around. Also, if you are still skeptical about the legitimacy of this business, MSN Money recently named Freebie Trading the 13th best way to make extra money on a list of 52 items ([http://blogs.moneycentral.msn.com/smartspending/archive/2009/02/06/52-ways-to-make-extra-money.aspx?PageIndex=6]).

I hope that I have given you some good information about Freebie Trading and dispelled some of the myths surrounding it. Remember, this is a scheme that will net you millions of dollars without lifting a finger, but this is a legitimate online business that people do make a good income off of every single day.