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How Did Elon Musk Lose All That Weight? Pills? Diet? Here’s His Secret Weapon – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

How Did Elon Musk Lose All That Weight? Pills? Diet? Here’s His Secret Weapon – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Through AI Day 2022, 1 Twitter user seemed considerably less interested in the new robotics that Tesla Inc TSLA displayed on Friday, and much more curious about how CEO Elon Musk seemed so “awesome, fit, ripped and healthier.”

Eva McMillin Twitter’s tackle is @EvasTeslaSPlaid and is an evident admirer of Tesla and Musk. Her entire tweet browse: “Hey, @elonmusk what’s your solution? You appear magnificent, in good shape, ripped & healthy. Lifting weights? Consuming healthier?”

Musk replied to Eva’s issue with a easy a person-phrase answer: “Fasting.” 

For folks that intently comply with Musk news, and for greater or even worse I am in that category, this is not the initially time Musk has spoken about his affinity for fasting, or “intermittent fasting” a program in which followers go extended intervals of time with no having.

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Late in August, Musk tweeted “On advice of a good pal, I have been fasting periodically & sense healthier.” Fortune Journal highlights. Proponents of intermittent fasting argue that the eating plan system can assist folks lose pounds, without having really serious downsides. 

Nonetheless, there are some critics of intermittent fasting that argue that it can lead to unnecessary anxiety. A Johns Hopkins Medication write-up on the subject matter encourages viewers to “Talk to your doctor if you begin experiencing unconventional nervousness, headaches, nausea or other indicators right after you start out intermittent fasting.”

There are quite a few distinctive variations of intermittent fasting. Some folks take in only all through an 8-hour window every single working day. Others may have two times a week wherever they take in only a single food.  

Musk claims to have lost about 20 kilos utilizing the intermittent fasting approach. For visitors interested in trying it, be absolutely sure to analysis the added benefits and disadvantages of the program. 

Photograph: Courtesy of Tesla Entrepreneurs Club Belgium on flickr