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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Great Copy [2023]

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Great Copy [2023]

Writing quality copy should be considered a top priority for any business looking to achieve success within the organic search results, working to provide their potential customers with informative and enticing content that will encourage them to complete a purchase with their website.

However, great copywriting will not only work to convince your site visitors to convert but is also essential for driving traffic towards your business website, to begin with.

Entrepreneurs that stay up to date on the best SEO practices for the maintenance of an impactful online marketing campaign will understand the importance of great content for online success, being one of the key factors taken into consideration by search engines such as Google when working to rank your site within the organic search results.

A high-ranking position is essential for businesses wanting to drive traffic toward their website, boosting online visibility to expand their reach and connect with a wider customer base.

Great content marketing is essential, providing business owners with a great way to increase online sales. Therefore, it is important to learn how to improve your copywriting skills, helping you to steer clear of lower-quality content that could be compromising the ranking position of your business website.

Does Your Business Website Have Low-Quality Content?

Does Your Business Website Have Low-Quality Content?

To learn more about how to improve your website copy, we must first gain an understanding of the different factors that determine the quality of the content published on your product pages and landing pages. This will help your business to avoid poor copywriting that could negatively be impacting your ranking position and quality score without your knowledge.

Learning to identify low-quality content will make it easier to decide whether or not your site’s pre-existing copy is in need of optimisation.

There are a number of different reasons why the content that you upload to your business website may be determined to be of lower quality. This is most commonly seen when the content that you are publishing does not appear to fit within the overall context of the page.

Your core website pages, such as product pages, and landing pages, should provide your readers with greater knowledge of the subject being discussed, working to answer any possible questions and provide information that could lead to them making a sale.

Copy that fails to add any kind of value to your company website will most likely be penalised by the search engines and will rank poorly as a result. This is what is referred to as thin content, and this can be highly damaging to the success of your SEO.

There are many reasons that search engines may dictate your website copy to be low quality or even thin content:

  • Your content serves no real purpose.
  • The context of your copy is undefined.
  • Your content shows a lack of expertise and understanding of the topic being discussed.
  • Your copy provides readers with inaccurate or even false information.
  • The title of your content misleads your readers.
  • The main message of your copy is distracted by excessive advertisements and links that take away from the subject matter.

How can you Improve your Copywriting Skills?

How can you Improve your Copywriting Skills?

For the content that you produce to be successful, you should first work to define and focus on your business’s target customer base.

Your potential customers should be at the forefront of all of your important business decisions, allowing you to provide the best level of customer service possible to improve their experience with your brand. The same applies to your copywriting.

1. Write Copy that is User-Focused

Your content should provide your customers with useful information that details the products that you provide, working to answer any questions that they may have and encouraging them to complete a purchase with your business. 

Copy that is written with the reader in mind tends to outperform content that is written only for the purpose of search engine optimisation, as customer-focused copy tends to have a better sense of readability that will be much more appealing to your target audience.

Should new potential customers discover your brand and find themselves on your business website, the content that they are met with should provide them with any information that they might be looking for. Your copy should encourage visitors to stay on your website and read more about what your company is able to offer to them, increasing the chances that they become converting customers in the future.

2. Write Purposeful Content to Drive Traffic

Copywriting is a task that many business owners may tend to avoid. Writing the perfect article can prove difficult and fairly time-consuming, meaning it can be hard for entrepreneurs to find the time in their busy schedules to work on optimising their website’s on-page content.

It can be especially disheartening to find that the content you spent hours working on only gained a handful of views and interactions. So, to avoid this disappointment, how do you make sure that you will get more from your content and the effort that you put into it?

The answer lies with evergreen content. This is a term used to define copy that will prove relevant to the interests of your readers for years to come. Such search-optimised content will continue to be shown within the organic search results for an extended length of time, working to drive higher levels of traffic toward your company website and encouraging users to learn more about the products that you are able to offer.

By producing evergreen content through your copywriting efforts, you will be able to construct extremely relevant and high-quality articles for your business website, greatly increasing your return on investment.

Accompany your Core Content

3. Accompany your Core Content

‘Core content’ refers to a piece of writing focused upon a topic relevant to the operations of your company and the products that you have to offer, that are also of interest to your target audience and customer base.

This kind of content works to increase the likelihood of a site user completing a purchase with your brand via your company website, and comes as a direct result of the information that the core content provides. 

The core content is essential to the success of your business. However, it is highly unlikely that your website’s core content will be able to reach these high levels of success completely unaided. Your site visitors must first be convinced to actually read the core content displayed on your product and landing pages – this is where your copywriting skills will be required.

By working to produce well-written, highly relevant articles that will accompany your core content well, you can direct users towards this main copy where they will be able to learn more about the information and products that your brand provides.

Accompanying content is also a great way to boost the amount of traffic being directed toward your business website, targeting any relevant topics or frequently asked questions that your customers may have to produce quality articles that will prove popular with your customer base.

By producing high-quality accompanying content that will complement the information provided in the core content displayed on your landing pages, you can work to direct more users towards your website, increasing brand awareness and driving your overall sales.

Successful copywriting should not only be about writing the best content for your site that you can, but it should also be about ensuring that you are seeing the best possible results for your efforts. From the core content published to your landing pages, down to the persuasive product descriptions that help to drive home the sale, all of the content that you produce for your website is vital to your overall success and should never be overlooked.

Learning to write enticing and informative content for your brand is an essential skill for any entrepreneur looking to drive an increase in traffic toward their company website.

The quality of the content that you are producing plays a key role in how well your site will perform within the organic search results. A higher quality copy will help to improve your business website’s quality score and ranking position, boosting your online visibility and overall traffic as a result.

The best type of content is that written with your site visitors and target audience in mind, as customer-focused content will allow your brand to appeal to its client base.

Copy that was written for your customers instead of for the purposes of SEO also helps to increase the likelihood of your readers becoming loyal customers in the future, providing them with important information to answer any and all questions that they may have.

Copywriting may sometimes be a highly time-consuming task, but taking the time out of your busy schedule to optimise the content that is being shown to your website visitors can yield a number of excellent results for your brand, helping to improve your quality score and ranking position within the organic search results to drive more traffic towards your website.

The copy that you present to your target audience is one of the driving forces behind online business success, so this is not a factor that should be overlooked!