How To Write Articles Or Blogs To Earn Money

How To Write Articles Or Blogs To Earn Money

Writers and bloggers who can produce quality content in their articles can earn money from those same articles. There are many free blogging websites for content writers and bloggers. These free sites offer revenue sharing through advertising networks. By placing advertising relevant your article or blog, money is earned from those ads and is split with the writer on a percentage scale. Most of these free blog sites will offer writers 50% revenue sharing, while some offer higher percentages. A few of these sites will allow the writer to keep 100% of all advertising revenue earned from your articles. The most common, and most recognized advertising network is Google AdSense, and others such as Amazon affiliate ads, Kontera, AdBrite, eBay partner program, and more.

However, writing your articles and blogs is only one part of the equation when attempting to earn advertising revenue. Once the articles are written and published, they need visitors. The visitors that read these articles need to be “targeted” visitors.

What are “targeted” visitors?

These are visitors who are searching for information related to the content of your blog or article. The best quality targeted visitors will ultimately come from the search engines, and are actively seeking your information by using keywords or keyword phrases they have typed into the search engine “search box”.

What are keywords or keyword phrases?

A keyword or keyword phrase is defined as a word or words identifying the topic of the article or blog. Some examples of keyword phrases for this article could be “blogging for money”, “money from blogging”, “advertising revenue”, or “writing for money”. Single keywords that could be used are “blogging”, “revenue”, “articles”, “writing”, etc.

Keywords can also be defined as specific terms used by a person or persons to search for information on the Internet. Or they can be defined as a tool used for determining your website URL placement in the search engines when using pay-per-click advertising.

The exact definition of keywords depends on there intended use. Ultimately, keywords are used to identify the product, service, or information you want your visitors to see.

Articles must contain high quality, and keyword rich content.

When writing articles and blogs with the intentions of attracting search engine traffic, writers must use their keywords throughout their article. Not to say that writers should flood their articles with keywords and keyword phrases, but your keywords need mentioned in your article or blog a certain number of times. This is called keyword density, and this density number or percentage will vary, depending on who’s advice you are reading.

Before writing your blogs and articles, research your keywords using any of the many free keyword tools available on the Internet. Google’s AdWords keyword tools are just about the best I have used. There are also keyword density tools widely available and free to use.

So, research your topic, research your keywords and phrases, and start writing interesting, high quality, unique articles for your targeted audience. You could be on your way to great writing career.