The Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim

The Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim

I was browsing The Tree Top Walk, A Sungai Sedim attraction at 10+ yr back alongside one another with a bunch of pals Aged time, we are supporters of DLSR’s digital camera and we every single week stop been listed here and there getting photo. I skip the previous time.

The Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim

(Earlier mentioned picture taken throughout 2009)

The Tree Major Stroll, Sungai Sedim

A short while ago I remember this old spot, located at Kulim, Kedah. It have a huge steel built hanging bridge canopy wander and decide to provide my spouse and children member to stop by once more.

From Penang island, we generate approximate 1.5 hour to reach this vacation spot, there is a small vehicle park ahead of moving into the tree major stroll.

We never see any indication mention that require shelling out I think is Absolutely free parking.

car park

Opposite the automobile park, there is a tiny developing, I bear in mind is a position for team setting up utilization I saw compact eating spot with some basin and bathroom.

Straight heading to the entrance, you just call for strolling approximate 100-200 meter to get to the ticket counter, for the duration of this wander, you might take pleasure in the natural see, a lot of big tree encompassing you.

entrance to the tree top walk

The Tree Major Wander Entrance Expenses

When you see the ticket counter, there is a rest room, memento store, information centre, and an workplace.

ticket office

The tree best wander entrance fees / ticket cost is RM12 for adult, small children and senior citizen at RM6

the tree top walk ticket fees

At the time you enter to the canopy wander, the full journey around 1KM + (I guess, as it under no circumstances mentioned). You may possibly start out from any path, either clockwise or anti clock sensible up to your choice.

the tree top walk path

Alongside the journey, there is a ton of tree and plant, if you like mother nature and plant, you will definitely take pleasure in it. There is also quite a few signal board exhibit the depth along the way.

Outdated time, I also see a ton of photographers choose photograph on birds. If you are a chook lover, you may place a ton of species here.

forest canopy

forest floor

meranti stand

Alongside the route, if you worry of height, you will really feel struggling to finish the entire journey. Some component of the journey as tall as 26 meter peak from the forest amount.

canopy height

I put my digicam at the flooring and get a image toward downstair. Basically 7 to 8 stage of a making top.

canopy walk

the tree top walk

Either just before or soon after you enter the tree communicate walk, you will certainly see this image booth.

A good spot for you to take a team image either you appear alongside one another with pal or relatives

the tree top walk photo booth

Much more information, you may well adhere to Google map to take a look at The Tree Prime Wander, 1 of good Sungai Sedim attraction: https://g.webpage/TreeTopWalkSgSedim

If you appreciate waterfall, you could possibly want to check out my more mature article at Bukit Hijau H2o Slide Outing, it is just 10+ KM absent from this Canopy walk.

I system to take a look at there all over again in the near future.