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A 7-Step Formula to Earn Or Make Money Online

A 7-Step Formula to Earn Or Make Money Online

With rising unemployment grows the desire to earn extra money from home. As a result, a multi-billion dollar industry has grown around the ability to earn or make money online.

Having a hard time earning some profit on the internet? Allow me to introduce seven very easy steps you can follow to prove that anyone – and I do mean ANYONE – can make a living online.

1. Sign up for an account over at clickbank.com.

2. Search for a product you can pre-sell. Every option you will decide on has 2 key statistics, which you will come to know as referral percentage and refund rate. The referral percentage is an indication how many items were actually sold by affiliates, vis a vis the quantity of sales directly bought from the merchant himself. You should seriously consider a product with a good referral percentage. The refund rate, on the other side of the fence, refers to the number of purchasers who have asked for a return of the cash they have paid for the said product. In a nutshell, the refund rate is very similar to a dissatisfaction ratio that reflects on the real wroth of the product. If you accomplish a referral for a sale, and a refund is later demanded, you won’t win any commission. You should seek a product with a respectable refund rate.

3. As soon as you have settled for a product that has the potential be the most profitable for your endeavors, list down the appropriate affiliate link. In normal situations, you will be tasked to promote this affiliate link as it is. But a lot internet marketing channels strictly outlaw the wanton publication of affiliate links for a variety of reasons. Hence, you have to create a new link that, once used, will nonetheless take people to your affiliate link. You can decide to use link redirectors, or you can acquire your own URL and easily adjust the options so that it will guide users to your affiliate link. The latter option is highly advised.

4. Craft an article related to the niche of the product you have chosen to pre-sell. Add a resource box for each article you will write, wherein you will include your name or the brand of your enterprise, a a business message for your readers, and your link. This link should be the URL that will guide users to your affiliate link.

5. Distribute your article to established article directories on the web, namely EzineArticles.com, isnare.com, and goarticles.com. You can submit to other directories, most definitely, but these three will be more than enough for our immediate goals.

6. Craft and cause the distribution of an article at least 3 times each week. Do not submit articles on consecutive days for this will merely cause a cannibalizing effect on your article marketing progress. You are not supposed to do some search engine optimization. You’re doing this to get quick sales from direct traffic.

7. Wait for your commission.

These seven steps are all it takes to profit from ClickBank. Sound easy? That’s because it is.