Cyber Weekend Email Marketing Campaign Guide for B2B SaaS

Cyber Weekend Email Marketing Campaign Guide for B2B SaaS

The biggest sales weekend of the year is almost here. Cyber Weekend, comprising Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, is the perfect opportunity for B2B SaaS companies to drive conversions and increase revenue.

But with so many deals and promotions, how can your company stand out in the inbox and generate real results? And which email marketing tactics should you focus on during this high-volume weekend?

To answer these questions, we analyzed last year’s trends in the context of today’s economy, referenced examples from successful B2B companies, and consulted with industry experts to bring you the ultimate guide for your Black Friday email marketing campaign.

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Cyber Weekend stats for B2B SaaS marketers

Amid inflation and economic uncertainty, B2B buyers are more cost-conscious and selective about their purchases. While buyers may be hesitant to make big-ticket purchases, they are still open to cost-effective solutions that can drive ROI and improve their bottom line.

Cyber Weekend 2021 recap

Cyber Weekend Forecast for 2022

  • Three in four consumers expect to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday later this year, outpacing all other 2022 sales events. Over half also expect to participate in Small Business Saturday. (Numerator)
  • 76% of total consumers definitely/probably will shop on Black Friday (Numerator)
  • Cyber Monday will remain the year’s biggest shopping day, driving $11.2 billion in sales, a 5.1% increase YoY, compared to Black Friday, which isn’t expected to see as much growth this year (Adobe)

5 offer ideas for B2B SaaS

B2B buyers are still willing to invest in cost-effective solutions, but they’ll be more discerning about their purchases. Here are some insights to keep in mind as you plan your Black Friday email marketing campaign:

  • Bundle complementary products or services: Paul Mallory at ConsumerGravity suggests taking inspiration from Amazon’s bundle packages to help boost visibility. “These value-added bundles market all our products without solo ads; consumers saved 7% to 15% on the package, and we increased our sales by 20% compared to previous years.” 
  • Offer extra credits: Products with usage-based pricing can offer extra credits during Cyber Weekend to incentivize purchases. Offering 40% more credits with a purchase, for instance,  can drive conversions and encourage buyers to continue using your product. 
  • Consider BNPL: Fintech company Ratio raised $411mn in September 2022 to facilitate SaaS businesses’ BNPL options for their customers, showing it’s a great time to offer this payment option. You can offer a BNPL option for your service and give buyers the flexibility to pay in installments without straining their budget. 
  • Provide further discounts on annual plans: Additional discounts on annual plans allow for more long-term ROI, but the upfront cost can daunt cash-strapped buyers. Offering greater discounts on annual plans during Cyber Weekend can help ease this and drive purchases.
  • Offer an additional seat: Provide buyers added value by offering an extra seat or feature at a discounted price. This strategy is especially useful for early-stage startups looking to drive adoption and increase their user base.

5 crucial elements for B2B Cyber Weekend emails

Most email marketing practices apply to B2B as well, such as having a clear call-to-action, personalizing emails, and providing value. Here are some specific tips for B2B Black Friday email marketing:

1. Highlight the ROI

Focus on how your offer can drive cost savings or improve the bottom line for your B2B buyers. Businesses are experiencing slower growth and tighter budgets, so many might hesitate to invest in new solutions.

On the flip side, Cyber Weekend is also the perfect time for businesses to purchase solutions they previously could not afford. B2B Martech spending is expected to grow by nearly 30% over the next two years, so businesses are still investing in technology to drive growth and efficiency despite inflationary pressures. Capitalize on this by highlighting the long-term ROI of your offer and how it can improve their bottom line.

2. Target specific buyers and decision-makers

The B2B purchase process involves multiple decision-makers and influencers. Target specific roles, such as CFOs, marketing directors, or operations managers who might be interested in your offer and personalize the email and highlight how your solution can address their pain points and drive success for their department.

For example, a social scheduling tool like Buffer can offer a discount on its premium plan for marketing directors, highlighting how it can save time and improve its social media strategy. Personalizing the email to the specific job function can improve engagement and drive conversions.

3. Include a countdown

FOMO can drive conversions and encourage buyers to take advantage of your offer before it expires. Tapping into the excitement of Cyber Weekend and including a countdown in your email can create a feeling of urgency for buyers to take action.

A countdown timer with every email sent can also help track the success of your offer and adjust future promotions. Keep track of the open rate, click-through rate, and conversions during the countdown period to gauge its effectiveness and optimize for future Cyber Weekends.

Pro tip: Check out the GetResponse Integration center and power up your emails with countdown timers.

4. Leverage social proof

90% of buyers are more likely to make a decision after reading a trusted review. Including customer success stories, case studies, or testimonials in emails can build trust and show the value of your solution to potential buyers.

Social proof also helps differentiate your brand and offer from competitors during the busy Cyber Weekend shopping period. Highlighting specific results and success metrics can showcase the effectiveness of your solution and drive conversions.

5. Create lists for your coldest leads

This promotion offers a very good discount. With Black Friday everywhere nowadays, I think price-sensitive prospects believe this is the best time of year to purchase to get the best rate, and many prospects on the fence buy for fear of missing out.

The strategy resulted in 4 times more sales volume than other email marketing campaigns that included discounts throughout the year.

Ronan Hickey, CEO of

Cyber Weekend is a great chance to reconnect with leads that have been inactive or on the fence about your solution. B2B SaaS customers typically have longer sales cycles and Hickey suggests warming them up in advance and hitting them with a time-sensitive promotion. 

Segment your email list by targeting prospects more unlikely to convert. These prospects may respond the most to a strong monetary discount for a limited period. Hickey suggests it’s crucial to warm up these prospects in advance by hinting at the offer in previous emails. You can also consider surprising non-converters once more after Black Friday with a special “missed out” offer.

5 examples of B2B cyber weekend email campaigns we love

Here are some campaigns to help inspire your own:


Helpjuice email campaign for Black Friday.
Helpjuice Black Friday email campaign.

Our open rate was 31.3%, and our CTR was 5.2%. We sent emails to people who subscribed to our newsletter but never subscribed for a paying plan. We emailed on Monday to let our subscribers know we were planning a BF sale with the details. 

We didn’t want to be coy about it because we’re B2B as opposed to B2C – so we’re not an impulse purchase but one with more of a research phase. We sent the next email on Friday at 11 am EST and then a second email on Monday at 11 am EST.

Josh Brown, Marketing Manager at Helpjuice

Subject Line: One Time Sale – 50% OFF All Helpjuice Plans

The “One Time Sale” subject line immediately catches the attention of potential buyers and the 50% discount is hard to resist. It’s incredibly impactful for those confused about purchasing a Helpjuice plan and helps nudge them towards making the decision.

Why the email’s great

The countdown timer in the middle of the email helps create a sense of urgency for subscribers to take advantage of the offer before it expires. The black and yellow theme throughout the email also ties in well with Black Friday.

Helpjuice also goes heavy on social proof – logos of their clients, badges from reviews sites, and the heading “#1 Rated Knowledge Base Software (Since 2011)” add immense credibility to their offer. They reinforce that this will be the only time prospects can avail of a 50% discount, with a 14-day trial, during the year, further driving the FOMO factor.


Canva Black Friday email campaign example.
Canva Black Friday Email. Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Subject line: Get ready for Black Friday

The subject line builds anticipation for the upcoming Black Friday deals and catches the reader’s attention. It encourages readers to plan and take advantage of the limited-time offer that’s soon to come.

Why the email’s great

The email encourages the importance of other businesses to sign up for Canva before Black Friday. They highlight that they’ve added new templates that businesses can use to design Black Friday promotions and sales, creating value and timeliness for the offer. The design also includes multiple CTAs.

It’s also promoting Canva’s print service; a great upsell for businesses looking to design physical materials for their Black Friday promotions. The offer finishes off with four additional seats for the price of one, adding value to their offer and encouraging team collaboration, making it a great offer for larger businesses.


DataCamp Cyber Week email campaign.
DataCamp Cyber Week email campaign. Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Subject line: Save $150 for Cyber Week!

There’s no beating around the bush with this subject line, clearly stating their Cyber Week discount for readers. It’s direct and to-the-point, giving readers all the information they need in just a few words.

Why the email’s great

The combination of social proof and a countdown timer add urgency to the offer and increase the likelihood of conversions. FOMO is a powerful driver for buying decisions and Datacamp leverages it well by showcasing their satisfied customers and the limited time left to take advantage of the discount.

The CTA “Learn data science for less” with the 50% badge also adds value to the offer and highlights the potential benefit for buyers. Including a satisfied customer’s picture and quote adds warmth and trust to the email campaign.


HootSuite Cyber Monday email campaign.
HootSuite Cyber Monday email campaign. Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Subject line: Save over $700 on Hootsuite plans and certification

The subject line is clear: the reader is in store for multiple deals, and the dollar amount adds value to the offer. It’s also specific, mentioning the two different components of Hootsuite’s business—their plans and certification program.

Why the email’s great

Hootsuite’s email is packed with offers for social media professionals, providing options for various budgets and needs. The copy capitalizes on how Hootsuite is all professionals need to elevate their social marketing game and drive growth, adding value to the offer. They also promote their certification program for those looking to stand out in the industry and showcase their social media expertise. 

The email also repeatedly mentions the dollar amount saved, explicitly showing the value of their offer and driving conversions. While the email could benefit from some social proof, it still offers a comprehensive Cyber Week email campaign that caters to multiple buyer personas and highlights immediate and long-term value for their solutions.


DesignModo email campaign for Black Friday. Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Subject line: Black Friday Deal: Buy Postcards, Startup or Slides and Save 60%! 🙃

The subject line clearly states the offer – what it applies to and how much the reader can save – and adds a bit of personality with the emoji.

Why the email’s great

DesignModo promotes its three most popular products, giving readers options to choose from based on their needs. The email plays with a pink and black theme, adding a bit of fun and creativity in the design. The countdown timer at the end adds a sense of urgency to the offer.

Where the email does lack, however, is in its copy. There’s a typo in the CTA “buy,” not “by” and it doesn’t pack a punch in terms of how much value each mentioned feature can add for the reader. The before and after prices are clear, though, and the discount is significant, likely driving conversions.

Email templates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Once you’ve decided on your offer, communicate it with a well-crafted email template. Here are some examples to get you started:

Email template 1

Subject line: These deals are too good to be true!


Happy Black Friday, _____!

We hope you’re ready for some amazing deals because we’ve got them in spades.

Take advantage of our limited-time Black Friday discounts and save on ___, ___, and ___.

Shop now to get the best deals before they’re gone.

Email template 2

Subject line: 🔥 Half-off everything!


It’s Black Friday, and we’re heating things up with a half-off sale on all of our products and services.

Upgrade XXX or try out XXX for the first time at a fraction of the cost.

Take advantage of these scorching deals now and let XXX elevate your XXX game.

Hurry, this offer won’t last long!

Email template 3

Subject line: Score big this Black Friday with our deals 🚀


Black Friday only comes once a year, and the clock is ticking on our XX% off deal on XXX product/service.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer to enhance XXX aspect of your business. X% of our customers have seen XXX improvements in just X weeks – don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

Secure your discount now before it’s too late.

Email template 4

Subject line: Cyber Monday steals – save XX% now


Cyber Monday has arrived, and so have our amazing deals.

Save XX% on XXX product/service – it’s the perfect time to try out the solution your competitors are already using to increase their success.

Don’t wait – this offer ends at midnight on Cyber Monday.

Take advantage of these steals now, and thank us later for helping boost your business.

Email template 5

Subject line: X more hours until our biggest sale yet


Are you ready for the biggest Black Friday deal we’ve ever offered?

In just X more hours, save XX% on our XXX product/service. With massive savings like this, it’s the perfect time to upgrade or try out XXX for the first time.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer – act now and scale your business to new heights.

Start planning the biggest sales event of the year

It’s never too late to gear up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a well-thought-out offer and email campaign. Use this guide to inspire your deals and email templates, and test out different subject lines and offers to see what resonates best with your audience.

GetResponse can help make your email campaigns successful–try out our platform for free and see the results for yourself. Get in touch with us now to learn more.